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31 Aug
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My photographs

An air plant which has only flowered twice in about 15 years that I’ve had it 😀

Going at a snails pace 😀

The setting sun 😀

28 Jul
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3rd time lucky?

So my refund finally came through from my second failed attempt at owning a cross trainer. Whilst looking for yet another I happened to notice that Tesco had the Kelly Holmes Cross Trainer back in stock but at it’s full price which is £80 more than I originally paid. They’d told us they weren’t getting anymore in. I was so annoyed cause it was a good sturdy machine but there was no way I could afford to pay £250.

My hubby decided to email them to ask if we could purchase one at the same price we paid previously when it was in the sale as we’d been told we couldn’t have a replacement as they weren’t coming back in stock. I didn’t expect to hear from them again but we eventually got a reply back saying YES we can pay the original price so that’s what we did and it’s arriving on Tuesday and I can’t wait. \o/ A big thank you Tesco for all their help and a BIG thank you to my hubby who’s idea it was to ask. 😀


23 Jul
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It really isn’t meant to be…

Got a phone call earlier regarding my cross trainer that I sent back, I’m getting a refund as they found a fault with it. Apparently they’ve never had this before but of course it had to happen to me didn’t it. I don’t know if I should even bother looking for another.

If only the Kelly Holmes one I bought from Tesco hadn’t developed a fault, I really liked it. It was really sturdy and quiet but they sold out cause it was a real bargain with about £100 knocked off the original price.

I’ve had a wild fitness spending spree over the last few days, I bought sports bras, trousers, t- shirts and a yoga mat. I never thought I’d see the day, I still can’t believe I enjoy exercise lol

15 Jul
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Is it not meant to be?

My new cross trainers going back tomorrow, it clangs and bangs and wobbles so they’re taking it back to have a look at it. I don’t think I’m meant to have one of these. Usually when I bought any exercise machine I come down with an illness that stops me but this is getting silly. No doubt they’ll tell me they can’t find anything wrong with it grrrrrr.

I’m supposed to be writing reports for parents evening in a weeks time but keep getting distracted, I’m gonna have to force myself to close the browser and knuckle down cause they’res too many distractions on this internet lark.

6 Jul
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This weather is awful

This weather we’re having is atrocious. I took this pic a few weeks ago during another big storm but I wish I’d had a camera on me yesterday morning when I had to pick one of the kids up on a work school run, the rain was absolutely torrential and the street was completely flooded that we got trapped. We ended up having to turn around and find another way to go cause the road was waterlogged from one side to the other and completely covering the pathways. It was quite deep in places too.

The poor kid was soaked from head to foot, she’s only 4 year old but thankfully she thought it was a bit of an adventure and a chance to show me how far she can jump over huge puddles.

It was really bouncing down in the early hours of this morning and then it drizzled all day, at 7pm’ish it started lashing down and it’s still coming down now. Oh well at least it’s warm, you gotta look on the brightside 😀

3 Jul
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Bye bye cross trainer

I bought a Kelly Holmes Cross Trainer from Tesco Direct back at the end of March and 3 months later the bloody thing broke, I used it one day then the next time I turned it on and tried to program it but it gave me a ERROR message. I tried to use it anyway but the pedals wouldn’t move as they should and after investigating error reports it appeared that the motor was shot :(

We emailed Tesco who told us to ring a number who then told us to ring another only to be told it was nothing to do with them, hubby then sent a letter snail mail to complain about being passed from pillar to post which finally resulted in them coming to collect it today. Unfortunately they are now out of stock which is really disappointing so I’m getting a refund.

I’ve found another that I want and can’t wait to get it, I never thought I’d end up a fitness freak but I really enjoy it. I’m either on my Treadmill, cross trainer or doing a EA Sports Active 2 workout on the Wii. I love these workouts and have all 3 games……I’ve even got a little bicep muscle thing going on.


20 Jun
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iPad is no more

Well my iPad I’ve had for about 5 months or so died last night. I was laying in bed watching videos on YouTube when I got up to go the loo, I turned it off then when I got back in bed but it refused to turn back on. There was no power in it whatsoever. I knew the battery wasn’t dead or anything but just in case I plugged it in the charger, NOTHING, I even tried it on my laptop to see if  iTunes would see it NOPE.

Thank god its still covered by Apple.

19 Apr
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Residential Art

Old and decaying yet absolutely Beautiful :)
Out of the dark...Castle of DecaySchool's out!PramSit down...Chateau Snowy White
Chased by GhostsNoisyWelcomeMiserere Mei, DeusStairway to heavenForgotten Beauty
ChasedFollow the signFallenLord...VinoForgotten childhood
CochleaThe RosaryA long time ago...La BaronesseNeglected BedroomCravatte

Residential Art, a set by Shantideva on Flickr.