15 Jul
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The TouchSmart is smart no more

So we fixed the Touchsmart for about a week or so but now it’s official knackered and sat on the floor in the spare room, we tried everything we could think of but to no avail.

I emailed the CEO at HP yesterday explaining that I’d won the PC in the OSNN, Buzz Corps and HP Magic Giveaway! and how disappointed I am at the fact their product has such a terribly short life and that I certainly WOULD NOT recommend the HP Touchsmart to anyone. I received an email from CEO Customer Relations to inform me they’d passed my email on to the Customer Escalation team who will review my case.

Anyway I got a call from some woman this morning who told me the machines out of warranty (well derr) so there’s nothing HP can do apart from pass me on to the technical department but it’s cost me to find out what the problem is and have it fixed. I told her not to bother.
I don’t know what I was expecting from them but I was hoping for more help than that what with it being a worldwide promotion to promote HP and their products.

From what I’ve read on the HP TouchSmart support forums HP are usually no help whatsoeve or refuse to accept there’s a problem. I feel sorry for those people who’ve spend nearly £2000 on these machines only for them to be faced with black screens and constant freezes.

2 Jul
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The glasses saga continues

I went to collect my glasses from Tesco opticians this morning for the 2nd time and they STILL haven’t done what I asked for. They’ve managed to get the anti-glare on both pairs right this time but (theres always a but) the other pair which are distance glasses are supposed to have a dark tint for my poor light sensitive eyes. Well they do have a tint but not the one I asked for, it’s too pale and I can’t tell the difference 😯

The staff were really apologetic about it all and haven’t charge me the extra £30 for anti-glare coating so we can’t fault their service one bit, it’s the idiots who make the glasses. May be they should try wearing a pair when they read the order, they may just get it right 😕 If it happens again I’m gonna ask for a refund and go somewhere else.

20 Jun
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Where’s me glasses? I can’t see

Well I wish I hadn’t blogged about me glasses now cause they went and broke on me yesterday, I’d only had them a day and the frame snapped off. I’m gonna have to take them back when I go to put up my others, let’s hope it doesn’t happen to them 8) 😯

Anyway I really need a haircut but I can’t be bothered, I thinks it’s been over a year since I last had it cut and the ends are all scraggly. I don’t know why but I hate having it done and I’ll usually put it off for as long as possible then wonder why it gets in such a mess :roll:

19 Jun
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Got me new glasses but there’s a snag..

I picked up my new reading glasses from the opticians in Tesco yesterday but didn’t realise till I got home and started wearing them that they haven’t put the anti-glare coating on them that I asked for.

When they sorted out my prescriptions for reading and distance glasses I asked for a tint on my distance glasses and anti-glare on both pairs cause my eyes are extremely sensitive to light. I’m wearing them at the minute while on the pc but if I sit a certain way I can see my own eyes reflected back at me and annoying glares of light. I’m gonna have to take them back cause I can’t put up with it :roll:

I haven’t even got my distance glasses yet, they won’t be ready till Tuesday. Why it takes 12 days to add a tint etc I’ll never know. They told me it’ll be about a week at first then yesterday she said they’re due in on the 22nd. I hope these are okay, they better be for what you pay for them, it’s daylight bloody robbery 😯

12 Jun
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Quick update

Just a quickie whilst watching the footy, the pc lasted a few days and went belly up again. It’s a waste of time trying to fix it cause it’s obviously not right so we’ve just left it alone. Probably needs a new hard drive but it’s not at the top of the priority list so it’ll have to wait. I managed to back up my photographs last time so I’m not too bothered about it. Hubby’s pc and my lappy are still going strong so it’s not like we’re stuck without one.

We also keep having internet connection problems where the wireless router suddenly decides not to route any more. One minute it was fine then suddenly the lights went amber and no signal, we tried everything we could think of but it just wouldn’t budge. If we plugged the modem straight in to the pc it worked no bother but plug it in the router and instant death. Luckily we  still had an old router in the shed so we tried that and it worked which is strange because it went exactly the same way as this new one. What’s causing it and why is a mystery, there must be a reason it’s happened to 2 different wireless routers of different brands.  And why does the old one suddenly now work? I have no idea.

8 Jun
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My computer was broken :(

My hubby was sat watching a video the other day on my super duper HP TouchSmart pc I won a few years ago (thank you osnn.net) when suddenly it froze for no reason whatsoever, he had to hold in the button to force it to turn off. Well we tried and tried to use the diagnostic check and other utilities but they just refused to open. All day we tried to find the problem and fix it but in the end we gave up trying, I wasn’t sure if it was a problem with the hard drive so I opened up the back and took it out. It was absolutely boiling so I left it on the windowsill overnight to cool down.
The next morning I put it back in, turned it on and left it alone while I went to make a cuppa and low and behold it came up asking if we wanted to do a restore back to the original settings so I quickly clicked YES before it went belly up again.
That was yesterday and touch wood it’s still going strong. No idea what went wrong with it, it refused to load and when it did it wouldn’t do what we asked it to. Pressing F11, F8 etc wouldn’t work so we just couldn’t to anything at all.
Lets hope that’s the end of it, if it does it again I’m guessing we’ll need to buy a new hard drive which is a hell of a lot better than a whole new pc.

Thankfully I managed to salvage all my precious photos but I lost everything else including my music which I stupidly hadn’t backed up for a while, oh well at least I can get it off my iPod :)

17 May
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Now I read a hot summer lies ahead

We seem to have this obsession with the weather, every time you read a newspaper there’s yet another story contradicting the previous one. According to the Daily Mail (yes I do read it but only when I’m bored)

It seems we really are due for a barbecue summer this year, beginning on Wednesday and lasting all the way until mid-September.

Summer 2010 will be a month longer than usual and will arrive early with 25C (77F) sunshine on Wednesday, forecasters said last night.

Weather experts predicted a two-week hot snap ahead from midweek until the late May Bank Holiday weekend.

What do you think, do we believe them or what? Murphy the cat will be in his element if the sun shines as he likes nothing better than sprawling about in the garden, he’ll have a little bit of sun then move into shade before moving back into sun. He’ll do this all day. You never know I may get some use out of my sun lounger yet 😀

10 May
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When lost for words talk about the weather

According to a newspaper we’re in for a “wet and lousy” washout summer.

Forecaster Piers Corbyn says temperatures in June, July and August will range from average to “pretty lousy”.
Heavy bouts of rain and overcast conditions will dominate, wrecking British hopes of enjoying barbecues and beer gardens.
Expert Piers, who has been banned by bookies after cleaning up on previous predictions, said: “I’m afraid it’s not going to be a hot summer.

And I’ve just gone and bought a sun lounger for the garden, may be I should ask for a refund 😆 It’s only a few weeks since the papers were telling us we’re in for a very hot one come July/ August. Let’s see how long before the change their minds again :roll:

If this volcanic ash gets any worse we won’t even be able to leave the country in search of a bit of sun, I’m glad we haven’t planned on going away this summer. Nature works in mysterious ways that’s for sure.